Police CRB/DBS Checks

For CRB/DBS advice & information, call 01922 453412 (or any of our local DBS offices) or fill in the form below.

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DBS Checks & DBS Checking (Formerly CRB Checks & Checking)

  • Our processing of DBS checks (CRB Checks) for organisations is competitively priced, fast & friendly.

  • Cloisters process DBS applications within 2 days.

  • We offer help to fill in DBS/CRB application forms and give free information & advice.

  • A DBS/CRB check can be compulsory for those coming into contact with children & the vulnerable.

  • Cloisters had processed CRB checks since its inception in 2002. The CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) is now called the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service).

  • Processing checks on behalf of individuals is not permitted. We can only process for organisations having a trading name, 2 or more workers & who initially apply for a minimum of 2 applications.

    Current FeesEnhanced disclosureStandard disclosureVolunteerDBS Adult First
    DBS Statutory fee£44 £26£0£6
    Cloisters' Processing charge£11£11£11£3
    VAT £0£0£0£0
    2nd class p&p£2 £2£2£0

    A Standard DBS/CRB check provides the employer and the applicant with the applicants full criminal record. However because it does not include a check of official warnings issued from the local police force or the barred list, this level of check may not be sufficient for those working where there are children or vulnerable adults.

    An Enhanced DBS/CRB check provides an applicant’s full criminal record as well as information held by the local police that is relevant to the post. It may also provide a check of the Childrens &/or Vulnerable Adults banned lists.

    The result of a check is issued on a certificate called a disclosure which is issued to the applicant only and the organisation must view this original disclosure to make the decision to place the applicant or not.

    For further info visit our listing on the Disclosure & Barring site